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Peer Talk

  • Hi Robyn, So glad you enjoyed the session at Expo! Expo! in Dallas. Yes, the webinar and any takeaways can be find here - https://www.ceir.org/webinars/ Thanks, Lisa ------------------------------ Lisa Buchanan Vice President of Engagement ...

  • Our association handles speaker badges like this: If you are a sponsor of the session that paid for that sponsorship (which quite a few are), then your speaker badge is complimentary to that workshop or session only. That includes if it is a luncheon ...

  • Robyn, Yes! It is appropriate for organizers/partners to share this link with their participants. I love your idea about creating a tile image to make it a bit easier. Our team plans on sending a C&D letter along with verbiage letting the scammers ...

  • Hi Emily, We are similar in that we have optional, add-on preconference forums. An attendee can purchase that on-top of their conference badge or just come specifically for the pre-conference forum (with no access to the general conference). For those ...


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