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  • Dear Debb: Creating and implementing a trade show takes knowledge and experience much beyond a checklist.  I have been freelancing and providing this EXACT service for 25 years now and don't have a 'checklist' per se myself.  However, I have many tools ...

  • Hi Debb, Is this client launching a new trade show or is it an existing trade show? What do you mean by "host" the event? Are they providing all the exhibit services for the event? Are they responsible for attendance? A checklist is great but ...

  • ​​Good Afternoon All, I would love to hear how you handle solution providers who attend your association member focused conferences not as exhibitors or sponsors, but just as an attendee, but are there to solicit business and network with attendees? ...

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  • Thank you Joanna for your response; a trade show can not be accomplished with a checklist. The checklist is only a guide for the client so they understand what it takes to orchestrate a trade show. I worked for FREEMAN in the past and ...

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