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8 states, many eye-opening experiences, great people everywhere. 
Business owner, dinner party host, dog parent, lover of life. 

You know that life ebbs and flows, and like you I've ebbed & flowed with it, in different iterations and endeavors. 

As a human connection expert, it's a fascinating realm and rewarding to work with great leaders and teams, memberships and audiences - teaching the power of human connection. 

Teams to do their best work when they feel connection. Every outcome you want is powered by connection. And I work with leaders and teams who know that strong positive relationships fuel everything. And make everything possible.
Delivery modalities:
Speaking - small groups to large stages
Dinner Party Experiences - small private groups to large stage performances
Professional Development - programming to suit leaders & teams
Books - Connectivity Canon (avail on my site & in working together)

Interactive, fun, though provoking, real. 
Skills, tools, strategies, practices + abundant connection. 

Speaker reel

Website + it's in overhaul mode (TBReleased soon)

Reach out when you want to talk, ask questions, share ideas. 
Very glad to be part of this remarkable community.

With enthusiastic gratitude, 
Life. Powered By Connection.