• Mentor & Mentee Program at Expo! Expo!

    Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition Mentor/Mentee Program for First Timer New Members
    First Timer / New Member Meet-Up will be held at Expo! Expo! to provide a casual networking space for First Timer / New Members. Each member that comes in under the First Timer / New Member program will be matched with a mentor and have an opportunity to meet on Monday afternoon and throughout the remainder of the event. Along with networking, there will be receptions and a “Getting the Most Out of Expo! Expo!” program to attend.

    Those that have attended Expo! Expo! in the past and would like be mentor go to this link to fill out the form and we will get you matched up right away. 

    If you haven't attended Expo! Expo! and would like to be mentored go to this link to fill out the form. 

    Trust a mentor to guide you through the many facets of engagement opportunities during the “show for shows”.