Mr. Tom Bewsey


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I worked in the Tradeshow and Convention Services Industry during high school and throughout college. I loved the industry so much, I stayed in it post college. Worked and learned at two companies, then decided to open my own company. I enjoyed the many years running my own business.

I decided as my kids were getting into high school, I wanted to slow down and be able to coach and work with my kids. So, I jumped into Association work and was able to coach High School Golf, girls and boys for seven years and it was a tremendous experience. It helped hone my skills of mentoring and training young adults about life lessons and how to progress towards goals.

The association work has helped me become more knowledgable about the "other side of the coin" in the expo industry. I have gleaned a new perspective from the client side and my years of working in the expo industry has helped me work with and teach our trade show department.